Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hose Solutions

Heads, air conditioners, refrigeration pumps, fresh water pumps, washdown pumps etc. etc., can sometimes require a hose that performs a tight bend. Using 90 degree PVC or nylon elbows can sometimes be OK, but they have a tendency to restrict flow due to the sharp turn required for the fluid. Go to your local Auto Parts Retailer and ask to be allowed to browse thru their stock of small heater hoses! You will find an almost endless supply of all kinds of 'Full Flow' bends. I usually look for 5 or 6 hoses that have at least 2 bends that I need on the same hose. Bring them to the counter and price them. The parts for some car models cost more than others so buy the cheapest ones that fit your needs. Shown here is a 90 deg. hose section, cut from a larger multi-bend hose. It fit my modification perfectly and I saved the other unused bends in my spares locker. These radiator hoses are made from top quality material and are reinforced.

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