Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hard Tops/Bimini's and Dodgers

Only a few of the brave souls owning CSY center cockpit vessels have ventured into the unknown and attempted hard tops, hard dodgers or hard enclosures. There is 'much' to the task.

SV Magic Kingdom, owned by Ernest Kraus, had started the project above, on his WO last year.
Dave McCampbell is now making the aluminum one below. See lots more of his work at:

Below this, are photos of the Walk Over DouDou, which sports a custom enclosure of the cockpit. An example of an extensive modification, that is not a CSY Pilothouse but seems to be something some sailors might be interested in. The vessel is for sale through
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Aesthetic lines used in the design are shown above and below. For those of you that remember the famous "Gull Wing" sports cars with upward opening doors, this trick was used here but I do not see a water proof seal. The top is a good structure for solar panels.

Peter Rabbit's top, is shown below, during construction.

All involved endless hours of forethought in design and construction. Certainly worth mentioning such ambitious tasks. It seems Magic Kingdom is plywood. Peter Rabbit is a fiberglass section over an aluminum welded framework, as is the custom/commercially built bimini of Jim Dill shown below.

Chilli Pepper, Marathon Fl. .................................................owned by Jim Dill. Beyond that is a composit: half commercial built and half owner built, that is being finished now by Dave McCampbell. Dave designed his framework then shopped for a builder. Now he is finishing off the top and sides on his own. Be sure to check out his efforts at

I believe that looking around the marinas also pays benefits. Pacifico's hard top was built by a past owner and seems to work just fine.
--A Morgan, Out Island 41 was also found in the same harbor tied to a dock, maybe forever, but it had a significant bowsprit and a very well thought out HARD DODGER. think of what you need and b
uild it!

Pacifico, on left.

Morgan OI, 41' with an attractive hard dodger binimi combo, Roatan Honduras. Functional yet with style.

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