Monday, October 16, 2006

Kalua Cup Decal

OK, the decals are in. These are SECONDS! suggested by Craig Owings(but I never caught his humorous comment, but actually correct) [He has one of the 2 original ones left-and without his gift to Steve, WE would not have ANY,,,,,seconds!!]

They were digitally improved a bit, then printed on High Performance vinyl
, clear laminated for further protection and in four colors; Burgundy outer ring, Cream center then black and wh
ite, cut round at 3.75 inches.

Most folks raised their hands for 2-3, some a half dozen.
Some price break for volume until there gone. (I do not intend to reorder, still hope to go sailing

2 for $5.
6 for $10. (This includes envelope and postage)
$1 each beyond 6 (if in on original order/same envelope), while quantity lasts.

Honor System applies. As soon as you email your mailing address to me, I will get them out. Send a check to me only AFTER I confirm the number sent:

Ron Sheridan
3111 Passagrille Way, #213
St. Pete Beach, Fl. 33706

*About 5 years ago, CSY hats were an item made for us by a member. I bought a bakers dozen and give one to anyone that sails over 200 miles offshore with us. (Yes, I still have some:) I'm mentioning this, as these decals would serve well for less significant boat gifts.
Scroll down 2 more posts to read CSY ad about this race........... "Cleopatra's Barge Wins Kahalua Cup"

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