Friday, September 28, 2007

CSY Keel Cutting 2----an Option for 44,37 and 33 vessels?

Every once in awhile the question of Deep or Shoal draft CSY sailboats comes up and certainly, many of us have strong feelings one way or another and it is surfacing again. Either way, truth should not be lost; the DEEP DRAFT of any boat, will have different characteristics than one with a SHORTER keel/called Shoal Draft. This will be true while sailing, motoring and anchored. Yes, while motoring.. or at anchor.. the Shoal keel will not stop the boat from having a higher rate of motion, or? Round bottoms move more/Stick a big keel on it, and the motion slows down.

If true sailing experiences are seriously important, yet you wish to have shoal draft in your deck of cards, there are things you can do, if you really want your boat to sail well while shoal/not constrained by draft, then; as they say, "have your cake and eat it too". You can make your own mods, or go to Mars Metals or someone else and get some advantages back of having a keel that locks onto the water passing it and keeps you on track...., like winged keels or bulbs added, etc.

Listen, If...IF this subject did not mater?...........NO COMPANY WOULD BUILD BOTH MODELS. Companys do this stuff FOR SERIOUS REASONS.

Obviously, from what I have just said, the alternative: "short/shortened or /shorter" keel will not 'sail' as well as one deeper.

Questions/ Comments?

If anyone tells you differently, they are ...not telling the truth and you should know it.


The shallow draft boat will go into less water, and if you need or want to visit shallow water, then this should be a high priority.

I had found an article almost 10 years old, about not just shortening a CSY keel, but adding a bulb of lead back to both sides of the keels bottom edge, to re-establish ballast and add a keel tip for performance, minimizing losses of keel depth.

The link to Mars Metals site was here, to read an article first printed in Sail Magazine in 1998 that could be of interest if you are considering a shorter keel. But alas, things change. I visited this site recently and I cannot find the info.. and without asking the company, I think the company has revised it's info.

CSY "Said" it put in extra LEAD BALLAST into their hulls to make up for SHORTENED KEELS. Ok, I'd like to hear, "Where did it go?" Shouldn't we know? I have 25 years of looking and have minimal input. Can you add some data?

Bottom line. Keels are like tires.........they transfer the power you develop with your power source to the earth and keep you headed where you wish to go. Cars need tires and small tires save gas, not make you scream thu an obsicle course!

If you buy a Power Boat, hit your throttle and go wherever you want to go. If you Sail, do not overlook the advantages to a keel. That's what they were designed for!

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