Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The "Silverman Collection" (CSY 44, CSY 37, CSY33 material)

Steve Silverman, owner of Infinity, a CSY 44 WT, collected most of the material ever printed on CSY's. The 'collection' might one day be available to us in an easy to reference DVD.

CSY had planned to build a luxury 81' boat at a cool million/copy. The product "CORSAIR EIGHTY-ONE" never became a reality, but the advertisements were out there..... so that's how close it was!

The "PLAN" is, to FINISH putting all the material on a DVD and made available to everyone. This long term project, is not far off from completion, says Steve. Years of effort by Steve, and numerous hours of working the files by both he and I, will soon be available to you and anyone interested in these boats.

For any owner, perspective owner or broker, this is something not to be missed as there is nothing like this available for any other boat that I know of.

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Jonathan Lomas said...

...Any updates on this? I'd love to get ahold of whatever CSY 33 stuff I can!