Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Water Faucets

The original water faucets on CSY's were chrome plated heavy cast brass single hole units with spring loaded self closing valves. This feature has been loved by some, but not by all, as reflected by the replacement manufactures and models used over the years.

That said, the forced water saving feature on a sailboat was and is a great idea.

The name of the faucet company is Chicago Faucet, 1-847-803-5000(tech. support
hit #2). The faucet is a Cross Handled Single Hole unit, part #700 or
701 (and can be ordered with Hot or Cold handles if someone wants to replace their unit, or just order part #
826-X for the SELF CLOSING CARTRIDGE if that's all you need. The model #701 comes
with the Self Closing Cartrige included for a few bucks more.

On the company's website, there are some improved models of this faucet, using the same single hole base, but adding features. Handles/method of getting the water to flow, and flow rate have options. Instead of turning the Cross shaped handle you can opt for a push down button style or a single lever. Flow rate is 2.2 gpm max, for a wide pressure range, so is probably reasonably low for a boats 30-45 psi systems, but the company offers a .5 gpm rate for real water savings on one of their models.

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