Monday, January 11, 2010

Cygnet 44, The CSY 44 Economy Version

In 1981 CSY made an attempt to build and sell more economically, by producing a Line of CSY 44's with a lesser amount of items or detain. They were finally taking a serious look at cost cutting. The Cygnet Line, was to include economic versions of the standard 44' Walk Over(WO), the new Walk Through (WT) and the rare Pilothouse CSYs.

Their advertisement stated or showed:

No Stays'l or No Mizzen.

No Trailboards.

No Boom Gallows.

No Fixed Ports in Forward Cabin (the 2 small round ports CSY's are known for)

No 2nd Color on Shear Stripe (Hulls are to be BRIGHT White)

No Stained Glass Locker fronts.

**ADDED: Wooden Headliner

Not sure if any were actually built but if so, there were probably only a few. CSY closed it's doors not long after the Cygnet concept came to print.

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