Thursday, January 19, 2012

When CSY closed, Antigua began...and now? Some trivia.

When CSY closed it's doors, the Coats brothers picked up what was left of the company and began Antigua Sailing yachts, using the same molds.
They moved from the Gandy Blvd. location west across Tampa Bay to a building in Clearwater, Fl.

I visited there a few times in the mid 80's and inspected their production.
The Antigua's were lightened by a cored deck and some other cost saving measures.  They also marketed a stretched version of the Morgan O.I. 51' ketch but as a sloop.

Well, a few years ago, I ran into one of the brothers down in Guatemala, living on his sailboat.

Now, I see he is back in business, selling.............houseboats!

Life moves on.  (this 'link' might also do some searching but the story is interesting)

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