Saturday, May 07, 2011

Barient Winch, Self Tailing, Modifications for EASY disassembly

Have you ever tried to disassemble your Barient or Barlow self tailing winches? Do you see missing bolts in the Self tailor or have you broken or cross threaded them while trying to assemble the Self Tailer? Well, here is a trick that makes it SIMPLE. Yes, simple.

As the photo shows, "after" you disassemble the self tailer portion of your winch for cleaning, take out a 5/16" or 3/8" drill bit and drill a hole right where I show it. (Since there is a small lip there in the casting, to get an accurate placement of hole, it helps to measure and drilling with small sized drill first-to keep larger drill bit from 'walking'.) You should measure the radius and transfer this to the arm. Your shoulder bolt with spring and a screw driver tip will fit easily through the drilled hole when you are reassembling the Self Tailer.

With this hole added to the Tailing arm, disassembly or assembly of a this portion of the winch can be accomplished in a matter of minutes, with no damaged or broken bolts, lost springs or lost patience. Complete winch disassembly can now be moved back to the list of Favorable Projects.

originally posted 9/22/06

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