Thursday, June 23, 2011

Work Bench

Boats need to be worked on. We can't escape that, but where do you find a decent spot to do small tasks, the galley counter, the nav station, the saloon table? Yes, we use all of those at times, but I am retraining myself slowly to use a workbench I was able to create by modifying our old v-berth hanging locker. I was already using the hanging locker as a chain locker and only needed the bottom half for that, so it became evident that redesign of this space could add the function of workbench.

The forward bulkhead was modified for access, then surface covered with some durable 6000 series aluminum. An old Sears vice was nickle plated to protect it from rusting. Drawers were removed, shelves installed and small locker hold cans of this or that. Some lighting added as well as 12v cigarette sockets and 120v multi-outlet for tools and chargers.

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