Saturday, December 25, 2010

CSY 37

Most folks know the CSY by it's most common model, the center cockpit Walk Over (WO) 44, or the later version of the center cockpit 44, the much asked for Walk Through (WT).

However, the Pilothouse 44, the 37' A and B models and the 33, were aft cockpit vessels and lesser known.

I admit my knowledge of the 37 and 33 is limited, but will update this post when more information is passed on to me.


I first sailed on a 37 in

Tampa Bay back in 1984, two years after Bill Robinson, the retired editor of Yachting Magazine and author of many books, published his "Sailing To The Caribbean: How to carry out the dream of sailing your own boat to the Caribbean". Long title huh?

Anyway, the book starts out with Bill and his wife picking up their new 37 "Brunelle" at the CSY factory in Tampa and sailing it down through the Bahamas and on.

In contrast; my very short motor sail delivery up the bay gave me adequate time to inspect this vessel up close. I was very impressed. The flush deck design was very interesting, as it gave the interior added space as well as a safe platform on which to handle sails. The Cockpit was traditional CSY in that is was deep, long, comfortable, safe and secure. The interior looked rich with loads of teak. It was an A model with owners quarter berth and head to port and V berth forward. I could envision a part of my future on a boat like this...the dream was forming.
Bob Lewis's Tall Rig photo shows it at home, dockside, near the end of a total refurb. He is hoping to be cruising this winter.

Only last week, while waiting for the bridge to reopen, I saw a 37 passing through. She looked great, a real little ship. My 96 year old father was in the car with me, and it must be said that the boat caught his eye for the longest time. Finally he turned back forward and said "nice boat".

The drawings at the top of this post, is the "A" model 37 CSY. There was another model, the "B", that had a large head and shower in place of the B birth, and other interior changes, but I do not have material on the "B".

37' Model B, "JAZZ",owned by Peter and Jan Hibbard, is shown below with a blue shear stripe and underway with main and rolled up genoa. At left is a shot of the great flush deck. I'm waiting for Peter to send interior photos of this plan B model to add to this post.

Richard and Shirley Goward's beautiful photo of their "Enchantress" displays the 37 under full sail with original club footed staysail.


John Duncker said...

I would like to see a plan of the layout the Model A CSY 37. Do you know where I can get one.

Ron Sheridan said...

Both layouts are shown. Plan A has a berth and 2nd head in Port aft quarter and Plan B has a larger berth forward and single head head in the bow.