Monday, December 06, 2010

The "Other" Pilothouse

Peter Stoeken, a manager at the CSY plant, built a special version of the CSY Pilothouse model of the CSY 44's  for himself in house. Must be a great story here!  Photos below were passed on to me years ago by David Kummerel of the Virgin Islands.  I've heard several  explanations of the 'build' but someday hope Peter will enlighten me as to how he accomplished this hybrid build within the factory...should be an interesting tale! ;)
Then with his permission I'll add his story here... but until then:

Sorry to say that due to computer failures,  I no longer have the shots Dave had sent to me.  There were 5-6.

These 2 photos are now, all I have. Note the external strap type chain plates Peter changed to, during a refit years replace the original internal CSY plates.

"Independence" was built with a cockpit "Forward of the Mizzen"...kind of a Center Cockpit versions, but still different than the other CSY center cockpits (WO and WT)... yet this PH  plan allows an aft cabin. CSY Pilothouse Ketches were built with an AFT cockpit!)

INDEPENDENCE  is a special boat (mast near center as cutters are.)

  The CSY Pilothouse versions were technically true Ketches with their masts moved forward about 4 feet.  The unusual Independence in this "Cutter rigged Ketch" configuration, has the benefit of a staysail that the CSY built Pilothouse Ketches did not!  So, 4 sails available in a 44' LOA vessel.  Certainly from what I have heard and viewed by way of photos, Independence is a very desirable/unique vessel.

The owners commented:

Thanks for saying such nice things about our Independence, she is 31, still daysailing out of Red Hook in St.Thomas and cruising north or south most summers. Check her out at
It is always great to see a CSY in the VI. just lately we have had Sundance, a walkover here, Glen and Erin have done an incredible rebuild on her and she looks better then new!
Thanks for the great website
Pat and Pieter Stoeken ...................................
5/05/2010 4:53 PM

Note: The author of this blog (myself) owns CSY Pilothouse Ketch,  hull #2.
(--Ketch rig/no staysail.)  I added a bowsprit to gain a larger sailplan for light air sailing AND a Staysail.
Lots of work and $ to do this as an afterthought!!

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