Friday, January 06, 2012

CSY Owners of 44', 37' and 33' boats built from 76-83

Twice per year, I move this Post forward. If not, as you can expect, things get lost in history..

So now 6 months have passed and you get an update! How Cool! :)

.........If you own a CSY built from, you are offered a place to post pictures and write ups about your boat, "right here."

It's a great way for all of us to get to know each other and spend some time, similar in a way to being in a harbor and get to meet up for an evening or two. Here tho, we can reread and view, what we can not remember the morning after :)
Send a photo of your boat, yourselves or a couple of your "Happy Projects" and let's see what we have.

Nearly 3 years now and all is running well/Quality!

My hopes are to place ANY CSY BOATS CURRENTLY OUT THERE WITH OWNERS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET and interested.... a place to show their vessel and it's condition, problems, improvements or ? This is available now, right here. So, what are you waiting for?

Ready to show off your vessel?
Here is your opportunity. Just Email your initial write-up and photo attachments to:

With just a few emails, you can have your boat up on the web, showing off your proudest projects.

Stay well and keep smiling,
ron sheridan


The Incredible Hull said...


Great resource, keep up the good work.

Ron Sheridan said...

Hello and thanks for checking in here; but more than that, I checked out YOUR site and how interesting it is, that you TOO, have been paying attention to chain plates and the FEW, FEW other issues that separate the Good Boats from the not acceptable....or at least alert 'readers' to the differnt issues that might be of concern. Good job!

Pat Stoeken of s/v Independence said...

Thanks for saying such nice things about our Independence, she is 31, still daysailing out of Red Hook in St.Thomas and cruising north or south most summers. Check her out at
It is always great to see a CSY in the VI. just lately we have had Sundance, a walkover here, Glen and Erin have done an incredible rebuild on her and she looks better then new!
Thanks for the great website
Pat and Pieter Stoeken