Thursday, May 14, 2009

Antiqua Fire

Two nights ago, a friend of mine lost his Antiqua 44' to what appears to have been an electrical fire.

Remember to click on any photo to enlarge it.

Around midnight I was checking our condo for an electrical problem as I could smell the burned material, when I heard the fire engines. His boat, was docked 1/4 mile UPWIND from us.

The Antigua has been undergoing renewal/replacement of electrical wiring by a professional, hired to clear up issues of original and added wiring. Not certain of the actual details, but as of today, it looks like the boat is going to be a total loss.

It does not appear to be "the" issue, but I had written to all our friends on the CSY discussion list awhile back, that there had been an electrical fire on a Bottom Liner CSY,caused by a worn out/overheated male Hubbel connector (mounted into the deck mold of a CSY) and advised all to check out their device. I've been monitoring this connection on my boat more often since The Bottom liner fire. Two weeks ago I found a good deal on Hubbel connectors online. It's packed, ready to replace mine when we return to Panama next month.

Subtle warnings from your own subconscious mind when looking at some mass of wiring aboard your vessel or, a wake up call like these pictures and text hopefully will help to keep us from being complacent about electrical wiring, sizing, connections mounting, etc.. Like everything else aboard, wiring needs to be on the list of maintanance issues. It's a good idea to check on some regular set schedule as well as anytime you are working on or around them. Also, a no brainer is to shut off all systems not necessary...especially if any work is not completed.

My friend is OK, his attitude is good. He even said with some humor in his voice, "The adjuster asked, is there any boat out there you would consider as a replacement?" He said; "Yes, but it's in Panama".

... Then not joking with me, he said, "If you hear of any good WT 44' CSY's out there for sale, let me know".

A dad day for any and all that see this and certainly for my friend, but we can all learn something from this or at least be reminded.

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