Friday, September 11, 2009

CSY Walk-Through 44', Amata Marie

SV Amata Marie, formerly Thistledown.

Once owned by Dave and Lisa Covert and known as Thistledown, Amata Marie is now the name and Jim and Nancy Guthormsen, the proud owners for 5 years. They have tossed their dock lines in Kemah, Texas and are soon berthed in Tavernier, Florida.

Below are a few of the interesting changes to this walk through model.

On deck, the club footed staysail has been modified with a quick release stay for the hank on sail. This gives the convenience of a sloop when desired. The cutter rig is fine for many things, but the simplicity of a 2 sail rig/jib and main cannot be beat for daysailing, so this option offered by a quick release inner stay is not to be put down. Added to this, the athwartship traveler was moved back to accomodate proper alignment of the sheeting system. Not sure if this alignment would work out the same as on the Walk Over model, but it should be close. The devil is always in the details and that is what those weekends are for! (sketchpad and a beer)

At the aft end of the staysail, the clew is connected to the sheeting system's double block, by a snap shackle. This looks like another nice quick change idea for daysailing, as it allows one to get the sail and inner stay out of the way quickly for sloop simplicity.

Staysail track was moved aft and up on the coachroof.

New windlass was installed directly to the deck.

No fiberglass hatches on this boat! Looks like custom teak jobs, with 2 panel drop in screens made from teak and brass screening. Tinted Acrylic bonded to the outside of the hatch and circular or tubular seals along bottom edge rather than top of fiberglass opening.

Open access to lockers was nicely accomplished here. Also note the original white oak was painted, leaving only the trim in natural.

Big Flat Screen added. No 9" Black and White for Jim and Nancy!

Westerbeke genset mounted above engine in WT

engine room.

(originally posted 9/11/06)

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