Friday, November 06, 2009

CSY Links, Marine Businesses worth noting.

In 2000, I switched from one fabulous stainless steel fabricator to another one because of price and timeliness. I have never regretted that and alerted the CSY group and other friends of my new recommendation of stainless steel fabricator and machinist.
The name was Gulfport Industrial Repair, Gulfport, Fl. (aka Gulfport Machine) owned and operated by Rick Heim. For years, Rick produced beautiful work for us CSY owners in a timely manner and very fair prices. Now he is preparing for retirement and finishing up with his large commercial accounts, so will no longer be taking on our boat projects.   We will miss him.

A few years later, my wife and I put on a 'CSY Gam' three day event for the CSY Group of boat owners, here in St. Pete Beach, Fl. We were lucky to have as a guest, Pat Petersen of Petersen Marine(and also a long ago employee of Caribbean Sailing Yachts (CSY)). Pat was a super guest and sponsor offering a $2000. door prize of a marine air conditioning system and further offered special deals to the group. He proved to be a 'good-guy' by following through with all his offerings to everyone, so I added a justly deserved link to his business: Petersen Marine
NOTE: His website is lacking but his service is not! He will ship anywhere. SEE: LINKS on right side of page.

Today, I'm adding another Marine Business to my "LINKS" (also on the right side of the page.)

The new entry is: "Custom Teak Marine Woodwork", St. Petersburg, Fl. owned by Steve Shuler. His quality, service and timeliness put him on my list. You will not be disappointed if you use his service, so check out his website. He will also ship anywhere. Like the others, either retain the link for yourselves or... remember where you found it! :)

For direct access, Click on the LINK, down a bit, on the Right Side of this page!

JTR Enterprises of Gulfport, Florida was one of the original suppliers of stainless work for the CSY plant.  As fabricators the company still exists with one of the owners sons in charge.  His name is Derek and from what I saw and others have said, he is doing great work.  I talked to Derek about a year ago, when I found out Rick was going into retirement soon, and confirmed that Derek had many of the original drawings of stantions and other items JTR built for the CSY plant.

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